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About Us


Lead 4 Life is an exciting people development company focused on the creation and delivery of innovative experiential leaning processes and camps to a multi-generational audience.

3 Reasons why we do what we do.

We offer Inspiring solutions to people development

We are excited about growing people to be more confident, more courageous, and more self-assured. We transform lives through our exciting, age appropriate, affordable, and highly relevant processes and camps.

We are committed to enrichment

At Lead 4 Life, we create growth opportunities that significantly impact personal, team and leadership development; we focus on providing specialist, experiential learning opportunities and support to leaders at all levels of development

We develop leaders for life

This is the essence of our calling! We are passionate about enabling and empowering people to discover greater knowledge of self and conversely lead themselves and others better with more purpose and meaning. As the personal journey of self-discovery is never ending, the work of Team Lead 4 Life continues indefinitely.