A Vital Role for Educators – Creating Opportunities for Our Youth to Lead

Leaders in Action

Grade Eleven Leaders in Action

We are living in a world with infinitely more challenges than previous generations.  The speed and impact of change is unprecedented and by all accounts will become faster, more radical and unpredictable with each new day. Without doubt, our current realities are extremely demanding and our future is largely uncertain.

To survive today and to attempt to thrive in the future, we need to create lives of stability, balance, harmony and relative security. To achieve these objectives, we fundamentally need to change and re-engineer ourselves to become more sustainable and pioneering in spirit and practice.

In order to succeed and to create a better future for learners and school communities, we will need to embody greater purpose, vision, passion, focus and determination. Embracing change and inviting challenge will become the order of the day. Those able to re-invent the future through creativity and innovation and become collaborative will become indispensable.

Pivotal to all of this is the need for competent, moral and effective leadership – of self and others! Now, more than at any time in history, there is a need to develop our human capacity of leader and leadership development.

Robin Sharma recently stated:

“With all of the cataclysmic change in our society right now, Leadership Development has become the single most important skill to ensure success.”

Team Lead 4 Life believes sincerely in the premise that “we are all leaders by virtue of our capacity to influence others” (leaders of self) – we need to manage and lead self, aspiring to be good examples to others. Also, in any given life-time, most of us are called upon to hold numerous role-function leadership portfolios and hence we require countless opportunities to lead others.

The Lead 4 Life product suites are testimony to these philosophies and to the intricate link between personal mastery (I), team interventions (we) and community development (us). Stated differently, we are all unique individuals, who continually make up teams who form parts of greater communities or organisational structures, like schools.  As a business we place a heavy premium on paying on-going attention to the three pillars of personal, team and community development, all under the primary focus and over-arching theme of leadership development.

As educators, if we seriously consider the realities and challenges of the 21st Century on our youth (and school leadership and staff compliment), it is paramount that we develop young men and women who are: highly confident, have a healthy self-esteem, are courageous, creative, innovative and are able to take risks and embrace change. In essence we are called to grow and develop pioneers.

How professional, well designed and delivered are your current leadership development interventions?

Are they progressive by design and include an age- appropriate balance of theory, experiential learning, insight, feedback, dialogue and contemplation. Are you working in collaboration with leadership development specialists?

In consideration of the above, are you ready to take on the role as a leadership champion and take your school to the next level?

Leadership development should never be considered a luxury or a nice to have!
Take action today and experience the difference with Lead 4 Life.

Book your relevant grades onto our affordable school-based One-Day Leaders-in-Action Challenge series from Grade 6 to Grade 11 and also select 8 Leaders from your Grade 7’s, 10’s and 11’s to take part in our next Inter-Schools Leaders-in-Action Three-Day events. Our annual Head- Prefects / Portfolio Heads Forum are also a must for your top 2 to 4 leaders.

On behalf of the Lead 4 Life team, we look forward to partnering with you and your school in creating a leader-full school and a better future for all.