Leadership development camp to benefit underprivileged scouts

Scouts South Africa Gauteng

12 August 2012

PRESS RELEASE – Scouts South Africa, Gauteng


– Scouts to prepare meals for high-profile South African community and business leaders

Primedia Online division, Exactmobile, has provided leadership development funding that will target a select group of promising Scouts who would otherwise not have the opportunity to hone their skills.

According to Davin Mole, CEO of Exactmobile, leadership development in children gives them the skills to tackle the unique challenges they encounter in daily life in South Africa. “Funding leadership development through Scouts SA was a natural choice as this volunteer organisation has literally decades of experience in mentorship and in developing life skills.”

Scouters mentor children every week and they will be able to reinforce what was learnt on the course. “The leadership development course we are directing social investment funds towards, will give these children the jump start in life that has so far escaped them. Even better, there will be a positive trickle down effect as the skills the children learn are transferred to others in their communities,” added Mr Mole.

Lead4life, a specialist in leadership and development, formulating and is running the programme for Exactmobile. Gavin Penkin, Assistant Provincial Commissioner for Scouts SA in Gauteng, says the camp is being run over eight days in order to maximise the opportunities for the children to turn theory into practice.

“We need to present children with as many opportunities to lead as possible. The children will be taught leadership principles and will then be given the opportunities to implement what they have learnt,” explained Mr Penkin. The children attending the leadership development camp will be between 14 and 17 years of age.

The programme will include Scouting skills such as Pioneering, First Aid and Mapping as well as a Food for Life programme. There will even be a learning element which teaches the children how to keep a journal. According to Mr Penkin, the discipline and creativity of journaling enables the children to learn to know themselves and reflect on how they are developing as leaders.

The Scout method of Patrols or small groups is ideal for developing leadership skills. For this reason the 48 Scouts on the course will be split into 6 Patrols. The Patrols will work together to build their campsites, cook their own food and essentially do all activities together as a close-knit team. The programme will culminate in a guest meal where the Scouts will cook for invited high-profile guests who will be announced closer to the time. The final activity will be a campfire where many Traditional and Scouting songs will be sung.

For more information contact Gavin Penkin on 0832510702 or gavin@scouting.org.za