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YOUTHLead 4 Life is a specialist leadership development provider of innovative products and services to a global multi-generational audience – including the South African Schools and Youth market. To date, more than 50,000 learners have benefited from our exciting array of products and services – which serve to significantly enhance the development and transformation of the youth.

Essentially, new thinking to suit a new world!

With our present day realities and challenges as a back drop, the purpose of Lead 4 Life Youth division is to serve and assist educators and school leadership bodies to better structure, design, and implement inspiring solutions to grow and enhance leadership excellence at every level of the school community.

How can we serve your school best?

All of our products are designed to build greater confidence and heighten self-esteem with the ultimate objective of growing all learners and students into better leaders of self and more influential leaders to others.

The development of self within the context of leadership – both “being” the example and “leading” others with purpose, is critical to our ultimate success as individuals, as communities, as a nation and as a world body. We are being called to action – to create leader-full schools and to empower ALL learners / students to be leaders for life!

Schools that offer innovative opportunities for their learners/students, to grow through personal development, to better relate in team environments and, to be intent on creating a leader-full school, will, in our view, provide a platform for an unprecedented impact both within and beyond the school environment.

youth leaders in action

A group of young leaders in high spirits after a successful leadership challenge

As an influential educator, are you aware of the significant effect that your school’s philosophies and structures pertaining to leadership development have on the empowerment of your students into confident, courageous, and committed young men and/or women in preparation for life beyond grade 12?

Our specialists at Team Lead 4 Life would like to aid you and your school in these endevours by exploring ways to develop a meaningful partnership with your school! As a core leadership team, we sincerely believe that we have the experience, insight, skills set, and product combinations to assist you in achieving the leadership development objectives of your school.

As you will observe we cover most of the fundamental areas of need concerning the preparation of our youth for greater success and ability to thrive in an ever changing world.

The following innovative bouquet of products and services are offered throughout South Africa and are being experienced by a host of excellent schools.

Lead 4 Life Youth Programmes

Lead 4 Life – “Leaders-in-Action” series

Camp 4 Life

  • Bonding and adventure camps
  • Science and life science camps
  • Enrichment camp
  • Eco-psychology camp
  • Creativity and innovation camp

Health 4 Life incorporating Move 4 Life

  • Wellness seminars
  • Modular physical education sessions
  • School fun days

Grow 4 Life

  • Relate 4 Life
  • Exciting new products to be launched

Innovate 4 Life (Entrepreneurial development series)