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Camp 4 Life

Leaders in Action Camp

Leaders in Action Camp

If you are looking for some exciting new camp processes for your respective grades, look no further than these great choices. As we mentioned before, 60, 000 learners have benefited from these innovative special events.

  • Adventure / Bonding Camps
  • Enrichment Camps
  • Science and Life Science Camps
  • Eco-Psychology Camps
  • Creativity and Innovation Camps

Camp 4 Life comprises an array of creative two-to–five-day camping processes away from school.

We believe in tailoring processes to suit the needs of each group and hence make use of a wide range of appropriate venues nationwide.

Adventure / Bonding Camps

Exciting, action-packed and fun-filled! Join our team of expert youth development facilitators and experience an incredible adventure-learning process successfully organised and delivered on your behalf.

Enrichment Camps (Grade 10 to 12)

These creative and highly popular camps offer your select group a greater insight into a variety of subjects, disciplines and lifestyles. Our industry specific facilitators offer a concentrated look and feel into the world of music production, dance, movie-making, art, drama, entrepreneurship, leadership, motivation, play and much more.

Science and Life Sciences Camps

Enlighten your grade with a Science or Life Sciences camp adventure tailored to suit the specific needs of your school and grade. Join our specialist scientists and facilitator team to make this process a great success.

Eco-Psychology Camps

Have your learners gone green? Lead 4 Life offers an informative and interactive camp process that will empower your grade to practice more sustainable living. (Grade 6 to 11)

Creativity and Innovation Camps

Global business experts and educators inform us that much of our future success as individuals, teams and organisations will be heavily reliant on our ability to be creative and innovative. Team Lead 4 Life has a comprehensive process that will put your grade through their creative paces and open their minds to more of their true potential. Enquire today. (Grade 4 to 12)


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