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Grow 4 Life

Personal mastery and career readiness development

This exciting product suite is the foundation of every individuals need and desire to grow in a personal capacity. Instrumental and central to personal growth, the ability to succeed within the team context and the ability to lead self and others, is the never ending life-challenge of “knowing-self”. Plato coined the phrase – “know-thyself” and this on-going need is still ever prevalent today. In fact, Team Lead 4 Life would go as far as to say, that without a greater understanding and knowledge of self, success will most often be elusive.

Within this area of development we currently have the following product sets:

Relate 4 Life

embodies the context that our greater success in life comes through the people, teams and support structures that exist around us. We are cognisant of the fact that as unique individuals we very often form part of groups and teams that we don’t necessarily have a say in choosing. With each new team comes a new experience and fresh opportunities to bond and to achieve. Leadership development is tested within the context of team.

Within this product bouquet, we offer Fun Days, Team Development Days, Parent-Child interventions and many other opportunities for social engagement and purpose. Our varied camp processes are also highly inclusive of team interventions.

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