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Entrepreneurial development

As we can all appreciate, we are very definitely living in the Entrepreneurial Age – where over 70% of private school parents are running their own businesses. It is easy therefore to assume that the majority of our learners within the first decade after Matric, will select to or be forced to start their own business to fit in with this reality. Unfortunately however, the majority of schools are not educating and empowering learners in the knowledge, skill and practises of entrepreneurial development beyond the Grade 9 phase. (Unless the learner so chooses)

More than this, we are moving rapidly into an age where, imagination, creativity and innovation are becoming the order of the day. (Please see TED Conferences on-line and numerous talks by Professor Ken Robinson for a greater overview of this trend and movement)

As previously mentioned, with the rampant rate of change and rise of the entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial age, our schools and corporates are in urgent need of sincere transformation. At Lead 4 Life we recognize these needs and challenges and  offer a full spectrum of seminars, experiential learning workshops and other well-thought out processes.

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