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Lead 4 Life Leaders in Action

Youth Leaders in Action camps leadership development

Young leaders in the midst of a challenge

As educators, we are so acutely aware, that the challenges and realities of the 21st century require every community on earth to step forward as pioneers to champion positive change for the creation of a better future for all.

Beyond the value that a really good education can provide for our youth, we believe that significantly more attention needs to be given to empowering our learners sufficiently with the knowledge, life-experiences and skills sets necessary to best-prepare them for the demands of a continually changing world and life beyond matric.

Lead 4 Life therefore offers you and your school, a highly purposeful and impactful suite of processes to greatly enhance these endeavours.

In partnering with you, Lead 4 Life provides innovative solutions that ensure that your learners

  • are more empowered to lead self and others courageously
  • are alive and battle fit to meet these challenges
  • are able to embrace change and invite challenge
  • understand their “unique value”
  • can revel in and bring value to the team context
  • are creative, innovative and solution focused
  • possess greater purpose and clarity of vision
  • operate with greater confidence and heightened levels of self-esteem

We invite you to explore all 3 or 4 of the inspiring “Leaders-in-Action” process suites listed below suitable for primary or high school and book your grade and/or select group onto the next series.

They are affordable yet life changing!

Leaders-in-Action 1-Day Challenges (School based to suit Grade 6 to 12)

Leaders-in-Action 3-Day Leadership Development Camps (Grade 6/7 and 11/12)

Leaders-in-Action 3-Day Annual Inter-Schools Leadership Challenge (Grade 7, 10, 11)

Leaders-in-Action 2-Day Annual Head Prefects / Portfolio Heads Forum