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Three Day Leaders-in-Action Inter-Schools Annual Leadership Challenge

This exciting series of leadership development initiatives is specifically designed to cater for the four most pertinent audiences in terms of leader and leadership development, namely the Grade 7, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Head Prefects / Portfolio Heads Forum!

The Inter-Schools “Leaders in Action” Series, includes

Grade 7
Identified or elected
Grade 10
Umanyano Africa “Leaders-in-Action”
Identified future leaders
March / April
Grade 11
Adventure Challenge
Newly elected leaders
Sept / Oct
Grade 11
Head Prefects / Lead Portfolios Forum
Student heads of school
Oct / Nov
Annual Inter School Challenge

Annual Inter School Challenge

Although each intervention is unique in character, it has been specifically designed to create a launch pad for our youth in terms of

  • personal growth,
  • relationship building and
  • community focus -all under-pinned by
  • leadership development.

Identified schools will be invited to select 8 delegates to attend each one of the annual special events (Gr 7, 10, 11 and Head Prefects / Portfolio Heads) who will compete and collaborate with another 11 schools in an exciting process per province.

Our intention for the Inter-Schools “Leaders in Action” series is for the product bouquet to become an established special event series in all major provinces of South Africa.

Brief Overview of The Inter-Schools “Leaders-in-Action” Challenge series (Gr 7, 10 and 11)

Annual Inter School Challenge

Annual Inter School Challenge

  • 8 identified leaders from each specific grade from invited schools will be hosted at each event
  • 12 schools will compete per province (initially both genders)
  • A total of 96 learners will attend each special event
  • Each school will select an adult “Leadership Champion” to accompany / mentor their team
  • Teams will embark on competitive and collaborative elements of each 3-Day event
  • Each team will receive pre-process and post-process challenges and projects to complete
  • Each team will be able to share and impart the knowledge and skills gained from the event with the remainder of their grade or school. (This could include projects selected for the school or grade to embark upon)

Brief Overview of the Inter-Schools “Leaders-in-Action” Head Prefects / Portfolio Heads Forum

Annual Inter School Challenge Head Prefects

Annual Inter School Challenge Head Prefects

  • 2 to 4 elected Head Prefects, Deputies or Portfolio Heads from each school are invited
  • 12 to 24 schools will come together for the 2-Day Leaders- in-Action Forum (both genders)
  • Each province will host an annual event (Gauteng, Free State, Kwa Zulu Natal, W Cape, E Cape)
  • The event will take place at a conducive venue in October or early November of each year
  • The process will empower these elected leaders with a higher level of readiness to lead effectively during and beyond their term in office
  • Each set of leaders will return to school with a greater spectrum of innovative ideas and possible projects to enhance their schools overall performance


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