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Three Day Leaders-in-Action Camp


Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity

Powerful and inspiring leadership development camps taylor-made to suit the needs of your school.

Join our team of leadership development specialists as we explore the notion of leading self and others through a well-designed process that will hopefully enlighten, transform and empower your Select Grade (6/7 or 11/12) or Portfolio of Leaders.

Our very successful Leadership Development Camps are:

  • conceptual by design – tailored to suit the school and relevant audience
  • designed with both leader identification and development in mind
  • relevant to the trends, needs and expectations of the 21st century
  • vary in range and length (mostly 3 Days and 2 Nights)
  • offer experiential learning and snippets of theory as key learning methodologies
  • structured around both in-door and out-door themes and activities
  • inclusive of personal introspection, team work and school / community focus
  • designed to allow the delegate space away from most creature comforts
  • incorporate a variety of exciting adventure challenges
  • offer pre-camp, on camp and post camp phases and opportunities for engagement
  • concentrated and highly impactful by design
  • a testing ground for personal growth, relationship building, enhancing community spirit, and both personal and portfolio / roll function orientated leadership development
Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity

Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Lunch Break


  • numerous opportunities to lead – self and others
  • exposure to personal growth and leadership themes and life skills
  • more aware of the 21st century realities and challenges
  • are able to embrace change, take risks and invite challenge
  • understand more fully their “unique personal value”
  • can revel in and bring value to the team context / build grade cohesion and spirit
  • exposure to the need to be more creative, innovative and solution focused
  • will possess greater purpose and clarity of vision
  • operate with greater confidence and heightened levels of self-esteem


  • Designed to suit groups of 40 to 150 learners
  • 2 to 5 Day Camp processes / Traditionally 3-Days and 2-Nights
  • We utilise a wide range of conducive camp sites within 60 to 120 minutes from school
  • We offer you an A-Z service, inclusive of transport, accommodation, all meals and a quality facilitated process
  • R 800 – R 1,100

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Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity

Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity


Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity

Leaders in Action 3 day Camp Activity