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One-Day Leaders-in-Action Leadership Development Challenges

One Day Leaders in Action Challenge

One Day Leaders in Action Challenge

In the theme of creating leader-full schools and empowering ALL learners to be leaders for life, the school-based “Leaders-in-Action” One-Day Challenge (Grade 6 to 11) is a fantastic opportunity to grow and enhance leadership excellence at every level of the school community.

Highly interactive one-day themed processes

  •   school based and designed to suit Grade 6 to Grade 12 (different theme per year)
  •   developmentally progressive in nature (compound with year on year growth)
  •   psychologically orientated and age-appropriately themed
  •   focussed on the three pillars of Personal, Team and Community Development
  •   exciting and rewarding, also an excellent Grade Builder
  •   chiefly focussed on experiential learning as the mode of delivery
  •   highly beneficial to each learners overall growth and development
  •   affordable and offers excellent value for money
  •   complementary to the life orientation syllabus
  •   can be offered on the school premises or at a more conducive venue close by
  •   learners receive a certificate of attendance and completion.


One Day Leaders in Action Challenge

One Day Leaders in Action Challenge

In partnering with your school, the Lead 4 Life One-Day “Leaders-in-Action” sequence will enhance and compound your learners growth and ensure that they

  • embrace the opportunities to lead
  • are more empowered to lead self and others courageously
  • are alive and battle fit to meet the challenges of the 21st century
  • are able to embrace change and invite challenge
  • understand their “unique value” better
  • can revel in and bring value to the team context
  • are creative, innovative and solution focused
  • possess greater purpose and clarity of vision
  • operate with greater confidence and heightened levels of self-esteem

The school community and each grade will benefit from the on-going annual process (one day per year) as the processes enhance and compliment the schools vision and structures and roll-out plan that ensures that leadership development is a fundamental pillar within the school body.


  • 75 to 100 learners per daily process (Larger grades are split over a few days)
  • 08:30 to 16:00 Monday to Friday / Grades can be positioned at different stages in the year
  • R 95 to R 138 per learner (School could incorporate these amounts into annual budget)
  • Need for conducive in-door / out-door environment


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