Report: Leadership Development hosted for Communicare

Author: Kevin Wallace — Managing Director, Lead 4 Life

On 7 October Lead 4 Life hosted a valuable leadership development process with Communicare. The following report presents a brief set of insights about the core benefits gained from this particular ‘leaders and leadership development process:


What did you learn from your time spent with Lead 4 Life?

At the core, participants realised further personal insights about self, whilst appreciating the unique values of each team member. Additionally, being able to co-operate efficiently and work together within a team dynamic proved to be important when completing a variety of challenging activities.

Report - Communicare processParticipants indicated that the “Rotational Challenges”, the “Card Game”, and the “This-and-That” activities were the most stimulating and enjoyable of the full camp. Each tribe benefited from the notion that l

eadership is best learnt through “doing leadership” and the students understood the premise that “leadership should be caught and not taught”.

Core realisation: The tendency to blame other team-members

A common denominator of this group, when facing physical and mental challenges, was to initially react by blaming fellow team mates for any mishaps that occurred.

Gradually though, the essential leadership principle of group ownership and accountability was applied when attempting the activities. Being accountable as a collective unit, is a core leadership principle that is best learnt through practical application exercises and activities.

Many students from the spectrum of tribes, felt confident that their overall performance as a tribe would improve should they be given further opportunities to solution challenges.

Report - Communicare process

Patience and understanding lend itself to the practical learning process

As evidenced in the post-event feedback, participants reported that the Lead 4 Life team proved to be patient and understanding. These team-facilitation qualities are essential for optimum application of leadership development processes.

For more information on these and other activities and how they might benefit your school-group, please email Kevin at Lead 4 Life.